New year, new path!

This year has been quite a ride already and it is only February! A lot has happened both good and bad, MAD Systems has moved to the mainland and we are beginning anew. We still have our students back in Tasmania who continue to train diligently and with purpose and we will be back in the near future to visit and holiday,

The hard work and effort we have been putting in to our training is generally reward enough for us and our students but this year we have officially become a Filipino Kali Academy Affiliate! not only that but we are the FIRST in Australia, we hope, like many others already here in Australia, to spread the Martial Art of the Philippines and the rich culture that is associated with it.

We now offer dedicate iKali classes as well as our Ukidokan Kickboxing and GLIMA (Viking wrestling), with an emphasis on the iKali curriculum as the major style of our school.

I hope you will drop in and say hello at our new location and pick up a pair of sticks to train with us!