One of the greatest things I get to do is train with my Family, it is not everyday you can combine your love of martial arts with the love of your family.  we often find a local park to train at, usually down by the beach on the foreshore as the breeze coming off of the water is beautiful.

We tend to get a lot of “looks” as the art form I teach is a weapons based martial art and the tools of my trade are rattan sticks, i love this about training in public places, not only am I getting a great work out and improving my skills to reach 10k repetitions but the bystanders and passers by also get a little bit of a show.  I still get nervous practicing in public but that is slowly fading as I keep reminding myself of the why behind it, the why is quite simple……. “I love it!”

We are currently in the process of opening a new school here in Whyalla, our debut to the community is coming up very soon at a local sports Expo where I will be sharing the art of Kali!  This wil be families first demonstration and they are a little bit nervous but every great journey begins with that first step.  If all goes well you will be seeing not only my family but families from our community training with us and hopefully having as much fun and joy as we do!

So if you live in Whyalla or are traveling through sometime stop in at our school, say hello, pick up a pair of sticks and join in.