A Lost connection

           I made a profound connection today in regards to one of my chosen martial arts, that of Pekiti Tirsia Kali funny thing is when I went to write it down to share with you all it decided to go for a wander into the deep recesses of my mind. Seems I may have to mount a search and rescue to retrieve it hahaha.

I am hoping by writing this it will come back to me and I can add it as a footnote to these ramblings.
         I visited a friend and student today to help out with their vehicle so they could make a Dr’s appointment tomorrow (non covid related) and while there found out that friends of his wish to learn this beautiful art of Kali and that one of their sons (who lives inthe Philippines) already trains in my system 😲 cool bananas right there!
One of the potentially new members lives on the Gold Coast, QLD and the other in Darwin, NT, so far away yet connected by friendship and Martial Arts. My friend/student is suffering from Asthma and is unable to train to hard due to this so we were talking about what we can do in circumstances like this and the saying “Slow is smooth, Smooth is fast” comes into effect here as I decided to slow down his movements.
That’s not to say I slowed his progression, just that we reduced his speed to keep from causing to much exertion.  Instead we concentrated on body mechanics, movement and positioning of the weapon be it the stick, blade or hand.  To really feel the muscles and how they play an important role in not just our Kali training but our everyday movement as well.

          In the end I made new connections with people wanting to train in the art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, we made new connections with our body and how it moves and interacts with the world around us and made a profound connection that even after recounting today’s activities I still can not remember ha ha ha!