As the title suggests this post is about 2020 and the year to come, the last 12 months have been one of the biggest we have had, the High’s and the Low’s have helped us refine our goals and vision of what we wish to achieve, both here at MAD Systems and in our personal lives.

This last year has tested our resolve, commitment but has also unveiled our resolve, determination and fortitude.  “With out failure there can be no success” is a motto we live by here at MAD Systems and it has proven itself time and time again.  With each time we fall we arise stronger and wiser, it is with such falls we truly get to know ourselves and to test what it is that is inside of us!

To do whatever it takes to realise a dream! to have the support of your family and friends as you pursue a horizon no one else can see is a something I give thanks for everyday!

It’s Time! 2020 to take you by the reigns and steer you towards the path we have chosen, to do whatever it takes to achieve the dream and the first step in this journey for us has been taken with our affiliation with Tuhon Apolo’s Filipino Kali Academy!  the second step was creating awareness in our local community as to what Filipino martial arts is and what it can offer everyone who practices with us.  the next step in our journey is being placed as I write this post, we have found a premises in which to hold our school, it is not much but it will be our Home and yours too if you wish to join our family and community.  I invite you all to join in our journey and share both the High’s and Low’s and grow with us to become the best version of ourselves that we can be!

Stay tuned for our opening day and class timetables…